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Indiana Council 2021 Spring Quarterly Meeting

05/13/2021 - 9:00am to 05/14/2021 - 12:00pm
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Spring Quarterly Meeting of the Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Center provides the opportunity for a robust discussion around many issues and considerations facing the community mental health center system in Indiana.  We will examine opportunities for new programs directed at crisis and mobile response.  With more effort focused on 988, we will take the opportunity to examine how the community mental health center system has an important role to play in ensuring critical mental health and addictions crisis services are immediately available.  We will also focus extensive time on opportunities for collaboration with our MCE partners around process measures and other ways to enhance coordination. You will hear from one of the new MCE Medicaid Presidents at United Healthcare, who will provide her vision for a strong relationship with her organizations and community mental health.  In the afternoon, we will focus significant time on the issue of racial equity and leadership within the CMHC system.  It becomes vitally important for CMHCs to maintain a diverse workforce, including leadership, to ensure we are providing services with consideration of diversity within our organizations and the consumers we serve.  Given the challenges of establishing broad availability of telehealth services through our Medicaid approved workforce, we will spend time in the afternoon, demonstrating consumer satisfaction through telehealth, as well as the impact on health outcomes.  Through these myriads of topics, we continue to self-examine our own efforts at improving access to care, coordinating with MCE partners, developing a more diverse and equitable workforce, and enhancing service delivery through telehealth. This conference promises to enhance your own leadership skills to help address the challenges facing the community mental health center system in Indiana.

Please direct any conference questions to Denise Wade, dwade@indianacouncil.org or call 1-317-684-3684.